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16 Creative Birthday Gifts for Husband After Marriage

Men can be sophisticated or down to earth. Knowing what he loves and his hobbies can lead you to choose the right gift. As a newlywed, you can be a little confused and nervous when picking out the perfect gift to give to the love of your life.

He deserves to have a broader smile on his special day. These creative birthday gifts for husband after marriage will make it easier for you to make your final decision as a wife:

1. A wood watch case

watch case for your husband

We all know men and their watches. Every man loves watches what better way to show that you appreciate him than buying him a wood watch case. This way you can keep his watches safe from any possible accidents.
You don’t have to be obsessed with watches like him. A watch case will be a way of you saying “I love you and I respect you.” There is no man who can frown over those words.

2. Perfume

perfume for husband

Find a unique perfume that suits him. Something masculine and eccentric will get him off guard. Make him feel special on the first birthday in marriage. If he is happy then he will make it up to you.

3. A lovebird canvas

lovebird canvas

Remind him of your love for him every day by gifting a canvas with your name and his embedded on it. Blindfold him to the location you set the canvas and see how surprised he'll be that you thought of it. On the canvas, you can add the date of his birthday to make him happier. The perfect location to put it on your bedroom and it will be a constant reminder of the love you share.

4. His/ hers split heart keychain

His/ hers split heart keychain

Give him one half of the heart and keep the other as a reminder of the bond you both share for one another. It is perfect for a first birthday gift in your marriage.
Add your names on the heart and let him have yours and you keep his. This will always be a reminder that you are bonded by love and marriage.

5. Personalized t-shirts

Personalized t-shirts for husband birthday

Gift him a new t-shirt with some special words written on it. You can also buy him a birthday vintage t-shirt with his name on it and a few words. Men love t-shirts especially when they don't have to be in the office all day.

6. A wall clock

personalized wall clock wedding gift

Buy a wall clock with special words on it and every day he looks to see what time it is he will see the special message. The first year of marriage is usually tough but those words will encourage him to keep fighting and that is just a period of adjustment.

7. A wine chiller

wine chiller for husband

For every romantic occasion, you need a wine chiller to keep the champagne or the wine cool. This creative birthday gifts for husband after marriage should be long lasting so choose the right material. 

8.Write him a letter

love letter to your husband

This is one of the most creative birthday gifts for husband after marriage. Pour your heart out with lovely, romantic quotes that will leave him feeling like the luckiest man in the world. 
Letters are old fashioned and no one expects a letter in this digitized era. They are always used for official reasons. Knowing that you took your time to express your love for him in writing will definitely widen his smile. Who knows he might decide to keep it to reminisce in his old age.

9. A romantic dinner

romantic dinner for your husband after marraige

Arrange the most romantic dinner for him. Add candles. Candles are the quintessential expression of love. They definitely add romance to the atmosphere. It can be on the rooftop or in the comfort of your home. Make it a surprise. I love it when someone pretends that they don’t remember the birthday then later surprises them with a birthday party, gift or dinner. You are welcomed to steal this idea.

10. Gift him a play station

gift playstation to your husband

For a free time men prefer to play games or watch a game and on the first year of marriage, your still settling in and he probably isn’t considering a play station yet. Surprise him with the latest PS4 pro and he will brag about to all his friends. This is the perfect birthday gift for husband after marriage. 

11. A hidden message tie

message tie for husband

This is a tie that has a pocket inside. You can stick in some love letters for him to read every time he wears it. On this special day of the year snick in a letter with some romantic words and he will treasure it forever.

12. Buy him a watch

unique handwatch for husband

A watch is a mans best friend. You can buy a very expensive watch or a unique one that represents your love for him. Embed some love quotes on the watch to widen that grin.

13. Music video

make video of song

This is also one of the creative 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage. You don’t have to have a song but you can choose his favorite love song then make a video.
The content can be simple and sentimental or it can be sexy, that you get to decide. Play him the video and this time he won’t grin, he will cry -tears of joy of course. 

14. Vintage wine
gift vintage wine to husband

For lovers of wine, he cannot turn down vintage wine. People who appreciate wine understand the value of vintage wine. He will remember the moment he unwraps it forever.

15. Love letterbox
love letter

To store all the love letters you have sent to each other leading to marriage you both need it. If the love letter is kept safely you can show your kids when they are all grown up. Not sure how they will react but they will know you always loved one another. This also comes in handy when you are fighting. It will help to remind you why you’re together.

16. A photo pendant

pendant for husband

Photo pendants are memorable. The picture on the pendant can be yours or the both of you. This birthday gift for husband will be a perfect reminder that both of you are stuck in love forever.
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